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Periodontal Plastic Surgery 2-day Masterclass - DUBAI -

Treatment of Gingival Recession Defects - Basic & Advanced Techniques -
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Time & Location

Jun 14, 2019, 9:00 PM – Jun 15, 2019, 5:00 AM
Fairmont The Palm, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

About the Event

You have basic to advanced experience with oral surgery and periodontal plastic surgery and desire to learn, increase your knowledge, refine your surgical skills in soft-tissue management and fully implement these procedures in your practice.

Let Dr Olivier Carcuac during these 2 days of course and workshop/hands-on immerse you in the world of periodontal plastic surgery and give you all the secrets for treating challenging gingival recession defects.


The objective of the Masterclass is to introduce you to the management of gingival recession defects, their etiology, classification and treatment modalities, from basic to advanced techniques.

At the completion of this Masterclass, you should be able to:

- fully comprehend the anatomic and biologic basis for performing soft-tissue grafting and periodontal plastic surgery procedures around teeth.

- perform a focused pre-treatment patient evaluation and develop diagnostically driven soft-tissue treatment plans for your periodontal plastic surgery patients.

- understand soft-tissue wound healing and grafting biology.

- clearly understand when soft-tissue grafting should be performed when managing gingival recession defects. 

- become adept at selecting and sequencing soft-tissue grafting and periodontal plastic surgery procedures as part of multidisciplinary management of complex dental cases. 

- master the surgical principles and state-of-the-art grafting procedures used for root coverage procedures.

- develop and refine surgical skills related to performing the following soft-tissue grafting and periodontal plastic surgery procedures to treat gingival recession defects and enhance esthetics around teeth:  

. Flaps and Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches used in Periodontal Plastic Surgery 

. Gingival Grafts

. Connective Tissue Grafts

. Free Gingival Graft

. Root Coverage Procedures with/without Interpositional Grafts 

. Place of Soft-Tissue Substitutes in Periodontal Plastic Surgery 

- understand patient management principles and how to avoid complications when performing soft tissue grafting, tissue engineering augmentations and periodontal plastic surgery procedures.



Lecture ( 09:00-12:00)

• Characteristics and classification of gingival recession defects.

• Etiological factors.

• Treatment strategies and prognosis.

• Microsurgical instrumentation.

• Coronal Advanced Flap: different flap designs, indications.

• Lateral Sliding and Bi-papillar Flap : flap design and indications.

Lunch break (12:00-13:00)

Workshop/Hands-on (13:00-17:00)

(on animal jaw, provided microsurgical instruments by Hu-Friedy.)

• Full and partial thickness flap management.

• Coronally Advanced Flap technique (classic and modified technique).

• Lateral Sliding and Bi-papillar Flap technique.

• Different suturing methods.


Lecture ( 09:00-12:00)

• Free Gingival Graft: preparation of the recipient site, indications.

• Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Graft harvesting procedures: anatomical and technical aspects

• Soft-Tissue Substitute Material

• Tunneling technique

Lunch break (12:00-13:00)

Workshop/Hands-on (13:00-17:00)

(on animal jaw, provided microsurgical instruments by Hu-Friedy.)

• Free Gingival Graft.

• Coronally Advanced Flap technique and Connective Tissue harvesting techniques

• Tunneling technique.

• Different suturing methods.


The masterclass is delivered in small group workshops ensuring a very high level of individual support and guidance.

Animal jaw and microsurgical instrumentation kit will be provided to each attendee, who will be able to practice all the mucogingival surgical techniques presented during the lectures.

A maximum of 20/25 participants will be enrolled per course.


After course completion, Dr Olivier Carcuac will be available to answer any questions from attendees regarding their own soft-tissue management and mucogingival cases.


The Masterclass will be held at the Fairmont The Palm.

If you need any accommodation in Dubai, you are recommended to book your hotel room at the Fairmont The Palm. As attendee to this course, you will be given a special room-rate. If interested, please contact the hotel on +9714 457 3388 and stipulate that you will attend the course.


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See you at the Masterclass!

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