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Academic Publications 
Journal Publications
  • Modified-free gingival graft technique for treatment of gingival recession defects at mandibular incisors: A randomized clinical trial” 

       Carcuac Olivier, Trullenque-Eriksson A., Derks J.

       Journal Periodontology 2023; Jan 10. Epub ahead of print. 

  • Accuracy of bone-level assessments following reconstructive surgical treatment of experimental peri-implantitis” 

       Almohandes A., Lund  H. , Carcuac Olivier, Petzold M., Berglundh T. , Abrahamsson  I.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2022; 33(4):433-440

  • Influence of implant geometry and osteotomy design on early bone healing: A pre-clinical in vivo study” 

       Abrahamsson I., Carcuac Olivier, Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2021; 32(10):1190-1199

  • Modified Free Gingival Graft Technique for Root Coverage at Mandibular Incisors: A Case Series” 

       Carcuac Olivier & Derks J.

       Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 2021; 41(2), e37-e44

  • Cellular expression of DNA damage/repair and reactive oxygen/nitrogen species in human periodontitis and peri-implantitis lesions” 

       Dionigi C., Larsson L., Carcuac Olivier, Berglundh T.

       Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2020; 47(12), 1466-1475

  • Risk for recurrence of disease following surgical therapy of peri-implantitis-A prospective longitudinal study.” 

       Carcuac Olivier, Derks J., Abrahamsson I., Wennstrom JL., Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2020; Sep (1)

  • Spontaneous progression of experimental peri-implantitis in augmented and pristine bone. A pre-clinical in vivo study. 

       Carcuac Olivier, Abrahamsson I., Derks J., Petzold M., Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2020; 31(2), 192-200

  • Re-osseointegration following reconstructive surgical therapy of experimental peri-implantitis. A pre-clinical in vivo study. 

           Almohandes A., Carcuac Olivier, Abrahamsson I., Lund H., Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2019; 30(5), 447-456

  • Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. 3 year results from a randomized controlled clinical trial.

       Carcuac Olivier, Derks J., Abrahamsson I., Wennström JL., Petzold M., Berglundh T.

       Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2017; 44(12), 1294-1303

  • Adjunctive systemic and local antimicrobial therapy in surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. A randomized controlled clinical trial.

       Carcuac Olivier, Derks J., Charalampakis G., Abrahamsson I., Wennström JL., Berglundh T.

       Journal of Dental Research 2016; 95(1), 50-7

  • “The effect of local use of chlorhexidine in surgical treatment of experimental peri-implantitis in dogs.”

       Carcuac Olivier, Abrahamsson I., Charalampakis G., Berglundh T.

       Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2015; 42(2), 196-203


  • Composition of human peri-implantitis and periodontitis

       Carcuac Olivier, Berglundh T.

       Journal of Dental Research 2014; 93(11), 1083-1088



  • Microbiota in experimental periodontitis and peri-implantitis in dogs.

       Charalampakis G., Abrahamsson I., Carcuac Olivier, Dahlén G., Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implants Research 2014; 25(9), 1094-1098


  • Experimental periodontitis and peri-implantitis in dogs.

       Carcuac Olivier, Abrahamsson I., Albouy J.P., Linder E., Larsson L., Berglundh T.

       Clinical Oral Implant Research 2013; 24(4), 363-371


  • Peri-implantitis in a specialist clinic of periodontology. Clinical features and riskindicators.

       Carcuac Olivier, Jansson L.

       Swedish Dental Journal 2010; 34, 53-61

  • ”Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis - Experimental and clinical studies”

          Carcuac Olivier.

        PhD Thesis - defended 10 april 2015 -

        Opponent : Prof. Dr med Dent, clinical professor Frank Schwarz - Department of Oral Surgery,            

                                 Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany

Ipad Application

Based on scientific studies and on his own clinical experience, the author, Dr. Olivier Carcuac has created and developed in collaboration with Dr. Frederic Elharar an unique iPad application, iMuco- gingival recessions where he shares with you his knowledge on mucogingival surgery for the treatment of gingival recessions.


Whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate dental student, a general dental practitioner or a specialist in periodontology, implantology or oral surgery, iMuco- gingival recessions will give you all the answers on the surgical treatment of gingival recessions.

All surgical techniques proposed in iMuco-gingival recessions are illustrated by video animations outlining the design of surgical incisions, high quality clinical pictures from before, during and after the interventions, surgical videos, tricks and tips by the author, a summary of factors that led to the proposed surgical technique, post-operative care with management of complications, and presentation of Hu-Friedy microsurgical instrumentation.

After having answered a few questions regarding the morphology of the lesion(s), this application will guide you in choosing the right surgical approach for your specific clinical situation.

In addition, all 15 videos describing different mucogingival surgical techniques are directly available. Scientific references including their abstracts complete this unique application. 


iMuco-gingival recessions, available in French, English, Spanish and Japanese, has received positive feedback and is sold all around the world. iMuco-gingival recessions can be downloaded on App Store.

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